Player Profile - Tim Bowring (Terrigal-Matcham)
Date of Event : Tue Jan 8, 2019 10:29PM

Tim Bowring has been a key player for Terrigal-Matcham for many years filling the role as top order bastmen and wicket-keeper.

Lets find out more about Tim:


Nickname: Grimace, Bowza


Junior Club: Matcham Holgate Cricket Club


Senior Clubs played for: Terrigal Matcham Cricket Club


Most dismissals in a match: 6


Highest Score: 132


Personal Cricket Highlight: Stumping Jeff Cook


Team Cricket Highlight: 2nd Grade Premiership in 2004/2005


Best Player Played Against: Jimmy Maher


Funniest Teammate: Josh Bridge. He probably won’t like me bringing it up but he used to make and star in these fantastic and increasingly elaborate pump-up videos for the Whatsapp chat the night before a game/trip away.


Most Annoying Teammate: Of all time, probably Reece Bombas.


Best Advice Received: Try harder to get your pads out of the way.


Best Current Player in Australian Cricket: Pat Cummins


Best All-time player in Australian Cricket: Don Bradman

Last updated: Thursday January 17, 2019 8:53AM